Behind Nabo Colours

Hi! I'm Tara and I'm the person behind Nabo Colours. Nabo Colours is the product of my two favourite things: creating and colours. 

I realised that, for me, creating and mental health were very much related, in that creating forces me to be present and pour my energy into something that genuinely makes me happy whilst also bringing joy and confidence to others.

The earrings are all handmade by me in London and this is currently a one woman show. The aim of Nabo Colours is to make people feel good and to take up space with jewellery that we might ask our friends “if it is too much?” And I hope the answer to that is “yes, yes it is”.

‘Nabo’ in Danish means neighbour, and ‘colours’ to me represents boldness, taking up space and being unapologetic. I’ve always been inspired by my “neighbours”, their stories, backgrounds, quirks, shapes, style etc. The aim is for each colour group to represent and support a cause I’m passionate about. I want each colour to mean and stand for something. Nabo Colours is bigger than just jewellery to me.


Thanks you for being here, it means so much.

All my love,

Tara x

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